The Waldorf Home



Whether your children are infants brand new to the world, curious toddlers out there to explore, or independent teenagers making their own mark on the world, you want to create the most supportive environment you can.

The needs of your children change through the years, but one thing doesn’t.


Your connection with your children is the key to understanding them and giving them what they need.

Developing and enhancing that connection is what The Waldorf Home is all about.

In my years of being both a Waldorf teacher and a Waldorf parent, I’ve learned a few things about creating a homelife that is in tune with the picture of child development that Rudolf Steiner put forth.

These observations and ideas are what have gone into the creation of The Waldorf Home.

What’s included?

Four simple sections.

Four simple activities to step towards creating a happy homelife.


Connection is what it’s all about. How do you connect with your children? With your partner? With friends and family? With the world? Together we’ll take a look at ways to enhance these connections and use them to nurture our families.


Creating an intentional homelife takes work. We’ll explore the ways rhythm, household tasks and schoolwork manifest in our homes and how our connections with our children can enhance those activities and experiences.


There is such joy in creation! And sharing those creations allows us to connect with others! How can we use the act of creation to connect with others? We’ll take a look at play — the work of the young child — and the arts — the imaginative work that creates free-thinking individuals.


When we find ways to connect with the larger world we are reminded of our larger purpose. Exploring the outdoors and trying new and challenging activities keeps us fresh and alive, able to provide our children with role models who are actively involved in the wider world.

Each section includes resources and activities for you to explore your own connection with the topic.


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